Orange Parking Lot Lighting Repair and Maintenance

Image Services, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to repair all variety of parking lot lighting. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot and repair all kind of parking lot lighting fixtures including HID and fluorescent lamps. We can also install any of the new LED style fixtures.

Orange Parking Lot Lighting Repair Experts

When current lighting at a location is not correctly located or bright enough for the safety and impact required, our well-trained technicians provide the location, the circuit and the light fixture.

Additionally, we provide complete roll outs for new circuitry and outlets in many of our retail & multi-location restaurants. We make your life easier by providing as many quality services for signs, parking lot lighting & electrical as possible for the Orange area.

  • Parking lot light lamp & ballast repair and replacement
  • Parking structure light repair and replacement
  • LED parking lot light replacements
  • New Installations

Your Orange Parking Lot Light Professionals

Whereas electric sign contractors are only allowed to run electrical within 10’ of an installed sign, we are licensed to provide a new circuit all the way into the panel. The same is true of sign repairs. Many times, if the problem does not lie within the sign, then an electrician must be called. With ,Image Services, Inc., we already have an electrician on site!

As a licensed electrical contractor, we are able to provide services beyond sign & lighting repair and production in the Orange area.