Emergency Service

While most sign and area lighting issues are addressed within two to four business days, there are some items that must be addressed with a high sense of urgency. We know that certain property & store outages can prove to be financially damaging and increase the probability of accidents, injury & theft.

With that understanding in hand, if you must reach us after hours, you may either contact us via the phone number played on our office voicemail, or submit a request through our Contact page and check the Emergency box.
Note – Double Time Emergency rates may apply.

Night Patrol

Regardless of whether you are tasked to handle your operations from remotely, or you are an on-site presence, with so many details to be concerned with, allow us to lighten your load with our P.M. sign & lighting checks; aka Night Patrol.

Armed with a digital recorder, camera and site map, we check on your location(s) after dark to make sure that all of your signs & lighting are doing what they are supposed to, keeping your business’ IMAGE looking great!

Image Services, Inc. offers our Night Patrol service to both Time and Material customers, as well as Service & Maintenance Agreement participants. In many cases, we alert your business of sign display & security lighting issues before you or your staff ever has a chance to notice the illumination outage.

Repair & Maintenance

Keeping signs & security lighting in proper working condition is a key item that successful businesses have in common. Consistent sign maintenance is an inexpensive way to keep your company’s IMAGE looking sharp, while keeping a property’s exterior lighting at 100% reduces potential liability. Not only does it make a company’s sites safer for customers and employees, it increases sales due to the higher level of comfort and safety created for your current & potential patrons.

As we are both a licensed sign and electrical contractor, we are experts in troubleshooting & repairing pole and building mounted parking lot lighting, as well as all types of electric signage including LED, H.I.D., neon and fluorescent products.

Image Services, Inc. offers a number of ways to keep signs & common area lighting of all varieties operating effectively. Whether you choose our Reactive Time & Material Service, Reduced Labor & Material Service Agreements or All Inclusive Maintenance Agreements, you will be provided with unrivaled quality of work and customer service.

Energy & Maintenance Efficient Retrofitting

Image Services, Inc. is a forward thinking company, and we are constantly looking for new ways to provide quality, energy efficient products to replace or retrofit existing customer items with.

Even though the green products for signs and lighting are still rapidly evolving, we keep an arsenal of immediate impact products that provide maintenance & energy efficiency. Whether the interest is in LED replacement for neon signs, or energy efficient parking lot lighting, we work hard to provide you with the most practical application, for the best possible ROI (Return On Investment).

Electrical Improvements

As a licensed electrical contractor, we are able to provide services beyond sign & lighting repair and production.

When existing lighting at a location is not properly located or bright enough for the safety and impact required, our qualified technicians provide the location, the circuit and the light fixture.

Additionally, we provide complete rollouts for new circuitry and outlets in many of our retail & multi-location restaurants. We make your life easier by providing as many quality services for signs, lighting & electrical as possible.

Whereas electric sign contractors are only allowed to run electrical within 10’ of an installed sign, we are licensed to provide a new circuit all the way into the panel. The same is true of sign repairs. In many cases, if the problem does not lie within the sign, then an electrician must be called. With ,Image Services, Inc., we already have an electrician on site!

Sign Manufacturing

Image Services, Inc. is an established provider of a variety of new sign fabrication for any type of business. We provide professional guidance on many different types of new signage including, window graphics and banners, flat cut out & dimensional foam letters, fluorescent cabinet building signs and energy efficient, individual channel letter displays.

Our new sign products are made of the highest quality material, are professionally installed and come with a one year warranty on parts, labor and workmanship.

Sign Installation

While we do maintain a heavy focus on the repair aspect of our industry, we also provide top notch installation capability as well.

We often provide installation services for out of state customers and for those locally who may be reusing signage from a former location or from a national vendor.

Whatever the situation may be, Image Services, Inc. is happy to manage your installation project for you and your company.

Sign Removal

For a number of reasons, property managers and business owners alike have the need to remove and save or dispose of tenant business signage. If disposal is required, we either provide removal to a nearby, lawful disposal site, deliver them to a customer site, or we can also provide storage in our 6,500 square foot warehouse for a reasonable monthly charge.

Our IMAGE conscious staff of technicians takes care during the signage removal and patching of the display related building penetrations. Our trucks carry a variety of patching material for various building material types.

Sign Painting

Like any other product, signs require attention after time in the California elements. In times of economic uncertainty, it often makes more sense to repair than replace. Depending on the size of the sign cabinet(s) and pole or covers, we can put a new coat of paint and create and refresh or create a new look for a site for a fraction of actual replacement.

Our sign painting projects include rough sanding, prepping and repainting that not only keeps your IMAGE looking good for your existing customer base; it adds a fresh spark that attracts attention from new, prospective customers.

Survey & Permitting

As a licensed & insured California state contractor, we are required and able to provide labor & design to obtain required permits as needed for the customers to whom we provide new signs and to those who provide their own.

The survey process entails an on-site, physical survey for a variety of installation and permitting information. We provide fully detailed inventory of existing signage, sign areas, access availability and /or issues and full photo documentation.

The permitting process is dealt with differently on a city by city basis. As we are in Southern California and are dealing with hundreds of municipalities, we establish respectful relationships with the various cities and stay current on the rapidly changing rules of their sign codes.

Image Services, Inc. will always be willing to fight for the best signage scenarios for our customers. You can rest assured knowing that our efforts don’t end with a signed contract.